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Historic D'Agostini Ranch

In 1924, Antonio and Rosie D’Agostini arrived in Mount Aukum at the bidding of Antonio’s dearest
friend, Enrico D’Agostini and his wife Carolina, who told them of a beautiful ranch for sale in Mount
Aukum, which they eagerly purchased. Enrico & Carolina were the owners of California’s oldest winery; Amador County’s famous D’Agostini Winery. Antonino and Rosie brought along with them, his brother, Basilio and his wife, Annunziata. They eventually settled just down the road, a homestead nestled in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley. The two families, being as close as a family could wish for, were also the best of friends. They deeply desired to settle in a vicinity close to one another. They discovered, to their delight, that these majestic Sierra foothills closely resembled the topography and landscape of their hometown of Casalvieri Italy.

With its gently rolling hills and rich soils, abundant water source, it proved to be ideal for growing grapes, walnut and olive trees as well as the abundant produce and alfalfa gardens, raising cattle, goats, sheep and turkeys, which would prove essential to the family trade and livelihood for generations to come. The produce also sustained the thriving logging population up in the town of Omo Ranch.

Antonio and Rosie married at the ages of 21 and 16 respectively. As they settled into their new surroundings, they would build their home and raise their family, son John (Gelio) and daughter, Francis. They had one other daughter, Vananzia, who remained in Italy when they migrated, sadly, she was not well enough to make the journey to America. The entire family, many of whom continue to live on the ranch today are all the descendants of their son, John. He married the beautiful, spirited love of his life, Australian native, Adele Cecile Fowler. Their children, Roseanne, Robert and Victoria, their spouses, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren presently total 38 and growing!

Antonio and Rosie loved living in Mount Aukum more than words can express. Rosie was at her happiest
when she was cooking. It was her abundant joy in life to sustain the lives of those whom she loved and
cherished, her family, friends and visitor’s. Antonio, or Tony, dreamed of the ranch being home to his
children, and their children, his blood. For this reason, he worked countless hours, growing the ranch,
buying pieces of land which were contiguous to his ranch to expand the size so it would be around for generations to come. The expanse of his ranch grew to be in excess of 1030 acres.

Together, they achieved their goals in creating a family dynasty, with hard work, tenacity, and love of
the land. It is our goal and honor, as the descendants and family members of Antonio and Rosie
D’Agostini, to respect their principles, their dreams and wishes to continue the naturally organic &
Sustainable lifestyle they deliberately created. We are truly Blessed to live, love, work and play on these
lands, to esteem the legacy of the first generation of D’Agostini’s in El Dorado County, California.